Thursday, September 16, 2021

Neoliberal and Populist Constitutionalism on the Eastern Semi-Periphery at CEE Forum Conference

I will participate at 13th CEE Forum Conference, Prague, 16-17 September 2021. The topic of the conference is "Political Imagination and Utopian Energies in Central and Eastern Europe". The program can be available from here.

My lecture is about Neoliberal and Populist Constitutionalism on the Eastern Semi-Periphery

This lecture was prepared within the postdoc project “The State of Emergency in the Era of Global Ecological and Pandemic Crisis” financed by the National Research, Development and Innovation Office, Postdoctoral Excellence Program of Hungary, ID-number: 139007, hosting institution: ELTE Faculty of Law and the János Bolyai Research Scholarship, Hungarian Academy of Science. 

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Summary of the research and purpose of the site: "The State of Emergency in the Era of Global Ecological and Pandemic Crisis"

The aim of the project is to examine the basic characteristics and contexts of state of emergency, governance based on extraordinary measures in the age of ecological and climate emergency. Due to the global ecological and climate crisis, we have reached an era of state of emergency. The COVID-19 caused devastating health, political, economic and social crises. The research aims to investigate the relationship between the state of emergency and global crises in a pioneering way, the analyses of the coronavirus, as the most comprehensive manifestation of the global crisis, is considered here as a case study. This research explores when and how the extraordinary legal order has been used by the pre-COVID-19 political systems and to provide a comprehensive analysis of what the main paradigm and function of the extraordinary legal order was, covering the constitutional systems of the North Atlantic and Asia. Such a summary of this is still missing from the Hungarian legal and political science literature. Another major goal of the research is to conduct a “stress test” of legal and political systems related to the COVID-19 crisis. I look at how the world’s political and legal systems have responded to the coronavirus crisis, where and when they introduced an extraordinary legal order, what it has resulted in, and what its social and political implications have been. This would be the first Hungarian-language monographic summary on the topic and would be an important added value both for the Hungarian theoretical literature and for political practice. I will examine what the role and fate of the state of emergency will be in the era of global ecological and climate emergency.

A detailed summary of the research can be found here in English and Hungarian, and a preliminary bibliography is available here.

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