conferences (konferenciák)

Conference proceedings in the framework of the project (Konferenciarészvételek a projekt keretében):

11 November, 2021. Northeastern Political Science Association 53nd Annual Conference, November 11-13, 2021. Online lecture: Exceptional Governance and COVID-19 in Hungary.

3 December, 2021. 53rd ASEEES Annual Convention, 3-5 December, 2021. Online lecture: Emergency Power in Hungary and the COVID-19 Crisis.

9 April, 2022. 79th Annual Midwest Political Science Association Conference 7–10, April 2022 Chicago. Lecture: Emergency Governance in Hungary and the COVID-19.

2 June 2022. 26th annual Central European Political Science Association Conference, Bled, Slovenia. “Democracy after coronavirus: facing new political reality”. Lecture: COVID-19 and Emergency Measures in Hungary.